Starfinder RPG: Character Operations Manual

Starfinder RPG: Character Operations Manual


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Starfinder RPG: Character Operations Manual.

Upgrade your science fantasy heroes like never before with the Starfinder Character Operations Manual! Explore the bounds of futuristic roleplaying with three brand-new character classes forged in a worldwide playtest—the biohacker, the vanguard, and the witchwarper—or add depth to your spacefaring adventures with expanded rules and new options for existing races and classes, as well as new themes and archetypes, plus feats, equipment, spells, and more! Whether you’re creating a studious biohacker with a knack for pharmaceuticals, bending the laws of reality with an enigmatic witchwarper, or simply looking to teach your grease-stained mechanic a few new tricks, the Starfinder Character Operations Manual is a must-have companion to the Starfinder Core Rulebook, Paizo’s award-winning science-fantasy roleplaying game. Open up infinite worlds of possibilities with the Starfinder Character Operations Manual!

Product Details

Writer: Amanda Hamon, Jason Keeley, Joe Pasini, and Owen K. C. Stephens.

Size: 8.5 x 11 inches.

Page Count: 160 pages.

Format: Hardcover, full-color.