Boss Monster: Crash Landing

Boss Monster: Crash Landing


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An alien spaceship has crash landed in the world of Arcadia! Boss Monster: Crash Landing is a miniexpansion for the hit dungeon building card game, allowing players to expand their Boss Monster game to 5-6 players.

Crash Landing introduces an all new treasure type, new heroes, new Bosses, and new rooms powered by alien monsters and technological traps never before seen in the world of Boss Monster!

Crash Landing is a mini-expansion of 45 cards. It requires Boss Monster 1 or Boss Monster: The Next Level to play. It is fully compatible with all Boss Monster sets.

Contents: 45 all new cards that expand the game to 5- 6 players and one rules sheet. Players: Expands base game to play with 5-6 people, ages 13+. Play Time: 30 minutes.

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